Politicians are known for hitting the road during campaign season, 2021 brought challenges that would be unlike any other. Creativity was more than just a value add, it would be critical. Production Canada was approached to provide a custom designed and fabricated studio set by a major Canadian Party, to campaign in place.

Studio Set

Canadian Political Party
Canadian Political Party
Studio Set
Strategy & Design
Set Construction
Custom Fabrication
Technical Production
Production Management
The Opportunity

Build out a campaign in place studio set for a major political party that allowed for three different configurations.  

The Method: We gathered inspiration from our set building experience and from looking at a variety of other sources such as, newscasts, talk shows, political debates and parliament. We used the inspiration gathered to maintain a traditional but modern look and feel.
The finished set had 2 walls at 90 degrees to each other, one with an LED screen and one with traditional windows that featured canadian flags. A dark antique looking stage with wainscoting, a contemporary grey concrete surface and removable covers for the LED walls created three unique furnishing setups.

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